Why should I play Warzone laser tag?

Stress relief – Break away from your usual routine and get a fresh new experience to take away the stress! Exercise – Burn calories and have fun doing it! Team building – Working together has never been this much fun. Friendly competition – Who doesn’t like to compete? Pain-free and no mess – Unlike airsoft or paintball.

How does your equipment work?

The equipment uses infrared light to emit a coded signal (beam), similar to the technology used by common TV remote controls. The signal is received by one of the four sensors and is processed through the onboard computer. Based on the data encoded in the signal, the tagger takes damage, replenishes ammo or performs any number of functions.

Our weapons allow the user to switch between primary and secondary modes of fire. Players get to choose between 4 primary weapons which determine the shooting style and health of the user, as well as 2 secondary weapons – medic or grenade launcher. The medic restores health and ammo to your allies. The grenade launcher deals a large amount of damage.

Is it safe to play laser tag?

Absolutely! Infrared light is used to send information back and forth between taggers via the same infrared emitters used in 90% of all remote controls. Laser tag is as dangerous as changing the tv channel!

What do I wear for the event?

We strongly encourage durable, long legged pants or clothing. Due to the nature of the sport, players tend to slide, crawl, jump and hide in all types of terrain and conditions. Players are advised to wear tennis shoes or boots when playing to protect their feet. We reserve the right to deny players from participating in an event if their attire is not suitable for playing conditions.

In addition, do not get any expensive jewellery or accessories, as we will not be held responsible for any damage or loss.

What happens when I arrive at the event location?

You will be required to sign a Waiver Form, after which there will be a short briefing to introduce the game and equipment.

What happens if I’m late for the game?

Due to booking restrictions, events will commence at the scheduled time. Please try to be on time to respect your team mates and our operators!

What is the minimum age required to play?

Due to the nature of the sport, ideally participants are 16 years and over. However, we will accept participants as young as 12 years who are accompanied and taken care of by an adult at all times during the game.

How many people can play?

A maximum party of 20 people can be accepted per game. A minimum party of 10 people is recommended to make the game interesting.

What is your cancellation policy?

Although it is very rare that Warzone Laser Tag would be required to cancel an event, the following policies are in place:

– Cancellation due to weather: Prior to the match, Warzone will notify your party of the cancellation at least 2 hours in advance. A full refund of the deposit will be given. If there is an extreme change in weather during the match, the customer will receive a refund of the event invoice total depending on the amount of time elapsed.

– Cancellation due to any reason other than weather: A full refund of the event invoice total or the total funds held as a deposit on the event will be issued to the customer.  A date to reschedule the event can be negotiated between the customer and Warzone Laser Tag. Your party will be notified that the event is cancelled at least 2 hours prior.

What if I want to cancel or reschedule an event?

If you would like to cancel or reschedule an event, you can do so by sending us an email at [email protected], or by calling on +356 9971 3770. This must be done at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled event start time in order for the deposit to be refunded. Failure to do so will result in the deposit being forfeited.